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Collaboration, responsibility and respect

The ethics code is a set of principles and rules whose observance is crucial for the good functioning of the organisation and the improvement of the reliability and reputation of the Company. The individual and collective behaviour of people, whether they are employees or associates of the Shipyard, must agree with the company policies and must be concretely translated into the terms of collaboration, responsibility and respect to the current regulation, following the standards of conduct reported on the Ethics Code.

Maximum transparency and with the highest degree of esteem for the legitimate interest of employees or collaborators, commercial and financial clients and finally with the countries in which the shipyard works or which are recipients of its products or services.

Cantiere Navale Vittoria approach is based on a distinguished politics summarized on the following key points:

  • Create a high-tech, economically sustainable product according to the needs and requests of our clients.
  • Operate with strict conformity of the rules and applicable regulations.
  • Perform the activities with an absolute attention for the health and security of people and third parties involved in.
  • Improve the environmental sustainability performance.

Cantiere Navale Vittoria, its employees, associates, commercial and financial partners and how many others enter in any relation with it, must conform themselves to these principles and values, considered essential to our Company.

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