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Repair & Refit

A complete service

Cantiere Navale Vittoria has the necessary skills to undertake the structural repair or replace the equipment on board of several types of ships, whether they are patrol boats, interceptors, tugs boats, commercial and passenger vessels, fishing boats or work ships. Many ships can be marked by the signs of time, or they can have suffered a simple equipment damage or something more serious; perhaps a collision, a strand, or a fire.
However, Cantiere Navale Vittoria can handle everything, from metal carpentry and basic pipeline to the more complex electrical and mechanical systems, as well as the repair and refitting of interior accommodations.

Our team can guarantee an exhaustive and technologically advanced service: from the painting of small details to the one of the entire yacht, we will follow the client in every phase, with an
updated report of the progress of the work.

Moreover, the client will be provided of:

  • Technical and engineering services that range from maintenance or substitution of engines and generators assistance for overhauls and inspections;
  • Maintenance of the equipment on board, including the repair and the subsequent test for class certifications;
  • Installation and revision of conditioning or refrigeration systems;
  • Installation and revision of the electronical equipment;
  • Installation and revision of the hydraulic system.

Repair & Refit