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Passion and determination

The Cantiere Navale Vittoria is based on the love of a family for their own job. From the day Luigi Duò Papa started the business in Adria till the fourth generation currently present in the Company, the shipyard distinguished itself by never lost passion, made of commitment and perseverance, love and self-denial spirit, passion and determination.

Management Cantiere Navale Vittoria - (1)

Specific skills, division of tasks, cooperation and unity: these are the basic values that year after year, decade after decade, have been hand down and have contribute to shape the actual management. This latter incorporates Paolo Duò as the President, supported by the presence, in the Council of Administration, of his cousins, Luigi, Massimo, Roberto and Antonio. During 2022, Lucio Simonato joined them as a new member of the board.

Other departments of extremely importance, complete the whole structure. Among the many, the Sales Office under the responsability of the Engineers Luigi Chinappi and the Technical Office under the responsibility of Alberto Casanova. In addition to them there is Carlo Brero as HSEQ.

Shaping future experience


Vision & Mission





Innovation and training