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Transfer of Technology

We believe in the power of sharing

We believe in the power of sharing. In fact, we frequently use our work skills to build boats in productive areas, even different from ours, especially in foreign countries. In this way, and through knowledge transfer, we contribute not only to better ships, safer and environmentally friendly, but also to sustainable local development and to the future benefits of new territories.

The site advice begins with a worksite inspection of internal processes, site structures and organization. Based on the analysis and the specific needs of the customer, a personalized package will be established.

This will ensure total quality control, reduced delivery times, project regulation and qualified employees. To include these elements in the production chain means to increase competitiveness, from different points of view. These are the musts for shipyards which want to remain competitive.

Cantiere Navale Vittoria approach is highly flexible and adapted to the needs of our clients. We offer to our customers different packages according to their goals and requirements. They can range from ship design license to full assistance in developing production capacity, to providing Kit and daily management.

Transfer of Technology

Our competence covers the following areas:

  • Feasibility study and design for local production
  • Design and construction of maritime infrastructure
  • Royalty design/license and technology transfer
  • Knowledge transfer and data packages
  • Detailed plan of production promptness
  • Transfer of equipment and special systems
  • Implementation of the agreement in DCS or FMS and other documentation
  • Planification systems, implementation, and administration of the supply chain
  • Plans for specialized training
  • Innovation and researching skills development

In addition to the above are the after-sales services, which cover the entire life cycle of the boats, essential for the extension of the life of the latter:

  • Operational training. Cantiere Navale Vittoria offers a wide range of training courses to ensure efficient and effective operation and maintenance. These tailored plans, maintain the right balance between theoretical and practical skills and, where necessary, they involve external stakeholders.
  • Maintenance support. Maintenance can be supported using digital systems to monitor on-board signals and plan (preventive) maintenance, analysis, and actual maintenance support.
  • Integrated Logistics Support (ILS). It is possible to create an ILS package to optimize the ship during its entire lifecycle. This starts with the design phase and may include several analyses such as lifecycle cost, reliability analysis, maintainability, and availability, and finally logistic support analysis.