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Innovation and Training

Cutting-edge production capacity

We firmly believe that innovation, new technologies and new ways of thinking are crucial to overcoming future challenges.

Our mission, just like the adventurers who sailed the oceans centuries ago to discover new lands to explore, is to constantly reach new heights, supported by cutting-edge production capacity.

Innovazione e Formazione Cantiere Navale Vittoria (2)

Our vision every day is to create a technologically advanced, product for a reasonable price,that meets the high-quality requirements and requests of our customers.

To make this happen, a process structured in stages is essential, to produce boats designed based on in-depth engineering research undertaken by the technical sector.

A design that leaves nothing to chance, using the most modern design technologies.

Absolute accuracy is required to install every single component of the ships with the greatest possible precision, to make them a joy to use for our customers.

We develop our projects through research aimed not only at obtaining products that are new but also design solutions that, with ongoing focus, can aid in the development of new construction techniques new materials and new applications for new materials.

Experience and determination are therefore the key factors of a philosophy dedicated to innovation by vocation, in which the future is synonymous with change and growth, elements that we have been investing in for almost a century.

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Innovation and training