Current weather at
Cantiere Navale Vittoria
45011 Adria, Italy

Last update: 20/10/19 10.50
Sunrise time: 7.32
Sunset time: 18.16
Moon phase: Last Quarter

Weather forecast:
Increasing clouds with little temperature change. Precipitation possible within 24 to 48 hours

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Temperature: 17.6°C
High Temperature: 17.6°C at 10.49
Low Temperature: 11.9°C at 8.06
High Monthly Temp: 25.0°C
Low Monthly Temp: 10.9°C
High Yearly Temp: 28.9°C
Low Yearly Temp: -12.2°C
Current Outside Temperature


Barometer: 1019.2 hPa & Rising Slowly
High barometer: 1019.4 hPa at 10.45
Low barometer: 1017.3 hPa at 4.18
Low monthly barometer: 1010.1 hPa
High monthly barometer: 1025.5 hPa
Low yearly barometer: 993.6 hPa
High yearly barometer: 1038.6 hPa
Current Barometer Barometer History


Humidity: 88%
High humidity: 93% at 5.09
Low humidity: 88% at 10.46
High monthly humidity: 93%
Low monthly humidity: 50%
High yearly humidity: 100%
Low yearly humidity: 30%
Current Outside Humidity


Wind: NNE at 0.0 km/hr
10 minute average wind speed: 6.4 km/hr
High wind speed: 12.9 km/hr at 10.37
High monthly wind speed: 41.8 km/hr
High yearly wind speed: 72.4 km/hr
Current Wind Direction
Current Wind Speed


Today's rain: 0.2 mm
Storm total: 0.0 mm
Rain rate: 0.0 mm/hr
High rain rate: 0.2 mm/hr at 6.00
Monthly rain: 12.2 mm
Yearly rate: 140.0 mm
Today's Rain Storm Rain Total Current Rain Rate Monthly Rain Total Yearly Rain Total


Dewpoint: 15.6°C
High dewpoint: 15.6°C at 10.29
Low dewpoint: 11.1°C at 4.48
High monthly dewpoint: 17.8°C
Low monthly dewpoint: 8.9°C
High yearly dewpoint: 18.9°C
Low yearly dewpoint: -8.9°C
Current Outside Dewpoint

Wind chill

Wind chill: 17.6°C
Low wind chill: 11.7°C at 8.00
Low monthly wind chill: 9.4°C
Low yearly wind chill: -61.1°C
Current Wind Chill


Heat index: 18.0°C
High heat index: 17.8°C at 10.42
High monthly heat index: 25.6°C
High yearly heat index: 28.9°C
Current Heat Index

THW Index

THW index: 18.0°C

Air density

Air density: 0.0749 lb/cu.ft


EMC: 19.6%