C.865 Interceptor 43

ITA This new vessel is developed for fast maritime rescue operations, and prevention of illegal activities at sea. Designed for military use, when camouflaged the INTERCEPTOR 43’ can hide between the waves.


The prototype, made in vinyl ester resin strengthened with fiberglass, carbon and Kevlar, has an overall length of 14.04 metres, beam 2.81 metres, height 1.98 metres and displaces 9.93 tonnes fully laden. The ship can combine high speeds with excellent seaworthiness, all in complete safety, thanks to the specific research done in developing the hull and its special “step” structure.


The ship is powered by 4 x outboard MERCURY VERADO engines, which can develop 1200 horsepower in total. The choice of this kind of outboard propulsion allows simplicity, economic usage and maintenance, combined with efficiency and high performances especially in terms of top speed and acceleration. The SmartCraft® Digital Throttle Shift (DTS) control system provides ultra-smooth gear changes, with instant response from the accelerator. The Interceptor 43’ can reach a top speed of 60 knots and keep up a cruising speed of 40 knots. Variations of sea and weather conditions do not significantly influence the unit’s performances, ensuring superior torque and acceleration, to reach the top speed in the shortest time with limited fuel consumption.

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Fuel oil 2 x 1000 lt
Fresh water 140 lt


Max. speed 60 kn
Cruising speed 40 kn
Range at economical speed 364 nm

icon-enginesEngines and propulsion system

Power 4x 300 hp



icon-maindataMain data

Length overall 14,04 m
Moulded length 13,22 m
Moulded beam 2,81 m
Draft 0.91 m
Depth 1.98 m
Full load displacement 9,93 t
Crew 3+3