C.858 Interceptor 65

ITALIANO: Created to prevent, pursue and block suspicious or illegal traffics, Vittoria Fast Interceptors are studied to fight illegal immigration, smuggling, piracy and drug trafficking. These boats are an authentic laboratory of futuristic solutions: the top speed up to 80 knots and the excellent sea-keeping make these vessels a benchmark for this kind of patrolling.The Interceptor can be armed with a 7.62 NATO with manual controls on 270 degrees and more sophisticated weapon systems can be fitted on board as optionals. The cockpit can be bullet proof according to customer requirements and the two twin front consoles (for driver and navigator) ar interchangeable for safety and cooperation reasons.

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Deep V with two transversal redan.

Deadrise angle  1st redan: 21°
2nd redan: 23°
3rd redan: 21°


Fore central gunner station for remote control of the weapon.

Aft right and left N. 4 symmetrical station (two fore and two aft) for:

Pilot and Navigator (N°2) both equipped with:

  • N. 1 steering wheel and N. 1 throttle lever (in emergency situations)
  • N. 1 LCD high brightness monitor for radar, GPS, plotter and CCTV
  • N. 2 RPM counters
  • N. 2 oil pressure gauges
  • N. 2 water temperature gauges
  • N. 1 helm indicator
  • N. 2 trim tab indicator

Chief Engineer (right) equipped with:

  • N. 2 electronic engine data monitors
  • N. 1 fire fighting/alarm station
  • N. 1 bilge/alarm station
  • N. 1 main switchboard

TLC (left) equipped with:

  • See electronic equipment specification

N. 5 amortized and adjustable seats

As option, 10 amortized and adjustable seats at forward



icon-maindataMain data

Length overall 19.92 m
Moulded length 17.60 m
Maximum beam 3.60 m
Inside beam 3.50 m
Speed at 100% RPM 80 kn
Cruising speed 55 kn
Draft 0.78 m
Depth 1.70 m
Fuel tank 6000 lt
Fresh water tank 300 lt
Engines 2x Seatek 1500 12 4V 21 – 2×1530 hp @ 2800 rpm
Gearbox 2x ZF 665 – r = 1:182
Transmission 2x BPM surface propellers
Crew 4/5
Full load displacement 17/18 t
Range at cruising speed > 550 nm

icon-materialConstruction material

Isoftalic neopentylic gelcoat (coast guard color)
Vinylester resin for each layer
E-Glass reinforced fiber: mat 300, multiaxial, unitope
Carbon fiber reinforce where necessary
Core material: PET 115 kg/mc fore deck and superstructure
Single skin for bottom and side

As option, the hull and the superstructure can be made in 5086 alloy

icon-deckDeck fittings

  • N. 7 stanley steel bollards
  • N. 4 stanley steel fairleads
  • N. 3 rectangular hatches
  • N. 2 bow handrails
  • N. 2 aft handrails
  • N. 1 FRP rollbar
  • N. 1 aft floor gate for BPM drive check during navigation
  • N. 1 remotely controlled search light
  • Non-slip treatment for the deck
  • Antifouling treatment for high speed boats
  • Termal and acoustic insulation for engine room
  • Names and written identification as requested

icon-enginesEngines and propulsion system

The two Seatek 1500 12 4v 21 engines have the best power to weight ratio available, and are used by navies all around the world.

Rated power 1530 hp @ 2800 rpm

Double rudder mounted on a support on the stern of the hull.
These rudders allow good maneuverability in order to reduce the most immersed blade’s surface.

Two ZF 665 gearboxes; reduction ratio 1:182 connected via cardan shaft with BPM drives.

Surface drive system, trimming and steering type for maximum speed and maneuverability.
Two BPM with Rolla surface propellers.
Surface drive hydraulic steering system with two PTO driven pumps.

A trim tab system will be provided to optimize trim in calm and rough seas.