Vittoria Shipyard’s security boats are the flagships chosen by police and coast guards of many Mediterranean countries. In particular, the most requested ships are Search and Rescue boats (SAR boats), which are unsinkable and self-righting. In those recent years, more than a hundred of vessels have been built for the Coast Guards of Italy, Croatia, Libya, Malta, Cyprus and Tunisia, and they have been used against illegal immigration, smuggling, illegal drug trade, terrorism and also, for the protection of the environment and fishing areas.

Concerning defence, Vittoria Shipyard has experienced crafting patrol boats, fast interceptors, and general-purpose guard ships. Among the recent models, the twin patrol boats, P01 Monte Sperone and P02 Monte Cimone are the largest vessels ever created for the Italian Finance Police, with a 58 meters length and a 460-displacement tonnage when fully loaded.