Vittoria Shipyard works in all sectors of naval construction, with a production of more than 800 boats such as: cargo-boats, fishing vessels, tankers, dredgers, ferry boats and passengers ships. Production is sustained with a diversity of materials: aluminium alloy, high performance carbon steels, Duplex type stainless steel resistant to all chemical agents, and epoxy or polyester resins reinforced with fibreglass, carbon or Kevlar.

Manufacturing is a cross of production quality and quantitative capacity: careful organization of work methods guarantees the simultaneous production of different products. More specifically, a 56 meters supply vessel has recently been created, over a span of only seven months. During this time, Vittoria Shipyard had been working on two 34-meter patrol boats, two firefighting boats (30 and 21 meters length), fifteen fast patrol boats (13 meters), five landing crafts (20 meters) and a 60-meter dredger.