SAR 19

Vittoria SAR-19 is designed and engineered to perform specific offshore SAR tasks at unfavorable sea and weather conditions. This vessel is in fact capable to fully operate at wind force 5 on the Beaufort scale and sea state 4, and up to the limits of the coastline with shallow depths, also in the presence of breakers and / or undertow still in adverse sea and weather conditions.

The unit is classified C (Malta Cross) RESCUE AND MARITIME POLICE, SPECIAL NAVIGATION and the geometries and the distribution of the weights on board enable the self-righting only by hydrostatic force. Clearly the vessel plants guarantee the impossibility of water entrance, during the capsizing, in the pipelines of the board exhaust pipes, as well as, in the superstructure and the hull, likewise, must be prevented leaking of fuel and other liquids present on board.

Moreover, the SAR-19 is tested to resist a free fall on water from 3 meters height and side impact at 7 knots with 4 crewmembers.

The vessel is unsinkable and the watertight subdivision meets the IACS standards of stability requirements at intact and flooding states.


 Fuel tank  7500 lt
 Fresh water tank  200 lt
 Grey/black water and bilge tank  200 lt
 Sludge tank  100 lt
 Foam tank  50 lt


 Max. speed  35 kn


 Main engines  2x MTU 8V2000M84L
 Propulsion  2x ROLLS-ROYCE waterjets S40-3/CA


 Delivery Date  2018
 Length overall  20 m
 Beam overall  6,1 m
 Draft  1 m
Full load displacement  32,5 t
 Crew  5 p