C859 SHUTTLE 200

C859 SHUTTLE 200

Construction C859 (called Shuttle 200) is a work boat – Fast Crew Boat (FCB) for offshore service, for the transport of special personnel and small amounts of  goods on offshore installations and ships, with hydro-jet propulsion and a classification International Navigation.

The boat is characterized by a main deck free from about mid-ship towards the bow, to allow the load of small goods and the operations of special personnel embarkation / disembarkation  through a special raised platform on the end, which is compatible with motorboat and platform landings. The crew boat has a control deck with wide windows on 360 °, slightly elevated compared to the superstructures for personnel that develop from the center of the ship to the stern. The wide visibility allows to operate safely and easily in marine installations and facilitates the approach to other major vessels.

The Shuttle 200 can carry out fire rescue thanks to a dedicated motor pump and a monitor for fire service (Fi-Fi) installed on the sides of the wheelhouse for a range of intervention on all sides of the boat.

The machine is equipped with 2 engines MAN D2842 LE413  parallel to the ship center, connected to the HAMILTON HJ422 water jet propulsion on the transom by a transmission with universal joints, all arranged in order to optimize the propulsive performances.


    • 2 VHF fissi con funzione DSC
    • 1 EPIRB
    • 1 Radar Trasponder
    • 2 VHF portatili
    • 1 AIS
    • 1 INMARSAT
    • 1 Sea Sentinel
    • 1 Searchlight
    • 1 Night vision device
    • 1 Gyrocompass
    • 2 Gyro stabilized radars
    • 1 ECDIS
    • 2 GPS
    • 1 Echosounder
    • 1 NAVTEX
    • 1 UHF portatile


The hull is specially designed for aft propulsion with water jet propulsion. The bottom has been tested in tank in order to optimize the speed in different load conditions to grant its purpose in quick transfers. The boat is of planing type with a variable-geometry sharp chine, with a deep “V” for an excellent sea hold and greater maneuverability, with support shoes (aft plate) and a 20 ° raising angle of the bottom.


 Motori principali 2x MAN D2842 LE413 735 kW @ 2100 rpm
 Idrogetti  2 x HAMILTON HJ422


 Lunghezza fuoritutto  19,98 m
 Altezza  2,10 m
 Lunghezza tra le perpendicolari  16,72 m
 Larghezza massima   4,81m
 Immersione a pieno carico   1.18 m
 Dislocamento massimo   38 ton
 Area ponte di coperta   29,65 mq
 Strumentazione di bordo   A3


 Maximum speed  31 kn
 Cruising speed  25 kn


 Fuel tank  3400 lt
 Fresh water tank  400 lt
 Black and grey water tank  200 lt
 Marpol  250 lt