Provided with notation of UNRESTRICTED NAVIGATION,  the hopper dredger Maria Vittoria Z”  is designed for underwater excavation works and seabed dredging. This vessel is equipped with the first example of Liebherr HS 8300, the largest lattice boom crane ever designed and installed on-board by the Swiss company Liebherr (one of the world leading equipment manufacturer).

This new-born ship at Vittoria Shipyard has a 84,20 meter long mono-hull, a 19 metres beam, with a full load displacement of 7,400 tons, and can reach a speed of 11 knots. The boat guarantees the navigability of sea and river routes, lakes, canals and ports from silting up risk by levelling, decreasing or increasing the depth of the sea bottom.

The technical characteristics are specifically studied to support the Liebherr HS 8300, a lifting machine with a payload of 300 tons, a 41 meter long arm, a grapple bucket with 10 cubic meters capacity and a 30 cubic meters capacity clamshell hydraulic bucket. The crane is employed to pick up sand, clay, silt, gravel and small rocks, from the sea bottom, lifting them and positioning the material inside the load compartment. The latter is equipped on the bottom with horizontal expandable hatches to unload the material where necessary, for instance, constructing new lands, expanding and strengthening those already existing or replacing the sand eroded by storms or waves’ action on the seashore to restore the original shape. The vessel is also geared for the installation of different dredging technologies, such as the trailing suction pipe system.


 Length overall  84.20 m
 Moulded length  79,90 m
 Maximum beam  19.00 m
 Draft max  5.80 m
 Depth   6.50 m
 Crew   12
 Gross tonnage   2951 GT
 Net tonnage   1154 GT
 Payload – International marc   4300 t
 Payload – Dredging marc   5300 t
 Electronics instruments   A3
 Crane   Liebherr HS8300HD – 300 t


 Fuel tank   320000 lt
 Fresh water tank   76000 lt


  • N. 12 steel bollards
  • N. 4 steel fairleads
  • N. 4 hydraulic pistons for open the bottom door
  • N. 2 hydraulic anchor winch
  • N. 2 hydraulic spud poles
  • N. 1 Service Crane 895 kg at 9.7 m
  • N. 1 Service Crane 1,9 kg at 8 m
  • N. 1 Davit SWL 12 kN with rescue boat 4,5m


The two MTU 16V 4000 M53R engines have the best power to weight ratio available, and are used by navies all around the world.

 Rated power   1492 kW @ 1800 rpm
 Engines    2x MTU 16V4000 M53R – 2x1492kW @ 1800 RPM
 Gearbox    2x REINTJES WAF763 – r = 5,429:1 
 Transmission   2x fixed propellers



 Main gensets   2 x CUMMINS 76 ekW
 Auxiliary genset   1 x CUMMINS 387 ekW
 Emergency genset   1 x CUMMINS 76 ekW


 Speed  11 kts