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The history of Venice-Montecarlo began in 1990 on the initiative of a group of fans, including some offshore champions such as Renato della Valle and Alberto Smania: the big off-shores races , a bit on the example of the tour of England. A formula that wanted to persuade Shipyards to participate with their standard boats. Just look through through the list of the first 4 winners to realize that the absolute supremacy was a matter between riders with tested ability and offshore boats. This was the reason why the race suffered a slow decline and it was abolished after a few years. There wasn’t any spirit of competition among Shipyards which built the pleasure boats to be used in the race in favor of real racing boats driven by off-shore pilots. The race stopped but attempts to lower the crossing record continue using at only racing boats, that had taken part in the championship offshore F1. The absolute record is the prerogative of Mario Invernizzi who in 2011, leaving from Monte Carlo has reached Venice covering the distance of 1122 nautical miles in 22 hours 13 minutes and 17 seconds at an average of 51 346 kn including the time for a refueling in Messina.
The Interceptor 65 (hull no. C858) is a Fast Interceptor boat, designed for the safeguard of human life at sea and against illegal immigration, smuggling and piracy. This ship, a realistic prototype for future use, can exeeed 80 knots speed. The Venice - Monte Carlo with its 1122 miles is the perfect test bed to test and show the level of achieved performance , the reliability of the engines and the validity of the design. In fact, the race is challenged with a hull designed exclusively for military purpose, and not for racing one. In addition to the prestige of the title and to the technical answers, this event becomes a real marketing operation carried out to increase the fame all over the world of our Companies, of their partners and sponsors who will participate and cooperate in the event

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